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Do you have Olympus, Pentax, or Fujinon endoscopes and/or other endoscopy equipment to sell?

We pay Top Dollar for your Olympus, Pentax or Fujinon endoscope and/or other Endoscopy equipment! We also buy Light Sources and Processors and peripherals in good condition – don’t store it, sell it!

We'll significantly beat the manufacturer's buy-back price!

Don’t sell to the first Endoscopy Supply Company who bids on your Equipment!

Get more money for your Equipment!

When you’re ready to upgrade your Endoscopy Equipment, we’ll give you the best price for your used equipment. We purchase all types of endoscopic equipment, including immersible and non-immersible endoscopes, light sources, and complete video systems.

Let us bid on your Olympus, Pentax or Fujinon Equipment! Also we accept old equipment for repair credit!

Please use our Online Form to submit your equipment you have for sale now!

Not sure on something you can always CONTACT US with any questions and we would be glad to help.

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